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Social objectives

Nature and Regime

Fundació Ernest Morató has been constituted as a private foundation subject to the legislation of Generalitat of Catalunya. It ha got juridical and proper personality and full capacity of performance.

Social aim

In the last years, the havaneres have become a cultural fact of the first magnitude in the frame of the popular Catalan culture. The will to document and dignify its history motivates the creation of Fundació Ernest Morató. The area of work of the Fundació is:

  1. To stimulate the investigation of the havaneres in all their extension, promoting the creation or development of museums, exhibitions, colloquia... with the intention of spreading the havaneres and their environment.
  2. To catalogue the material contributed by several investigators and also any other type of documentation that can be donated to the Fundació.
  3. To compile ad preserve the manuscript, sonorous and audio-visual documentation and put it within reach of learners, musicians and singers.
  4. To promote the creation of the Havanera Museum for the public exhibition of objects, studies, etc, about the havaneres and their environment.

Economic regime

The Fundació was endowed in its beginnings with the contribution of Ernest Morató's collection and with the capital contributed in equal parts by the Patrons and Palafrugell's Council. For the attainment of its aims, the Fundació needed the economic contribution of private and public entities interested in the promotion of culture.