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Pedagogical Case: The Colonial Adventure. A Legacy Still Alive

The pedagogical case L'aventura colonial. Un llegat encar viu is an educational project edited by Fundació Ernest Moartó and meant for secondary education students as an elective subject and to all music schools in Catalonia. It has been produced by a group of primary and secondary study teachers coordinated by Anna Brunet. The objective of the work is the knowledge of those historical and cultural facts connected with the relationships between Catalonia nad Cuba throughout the colinial period.

The way in which the topics presented are inttroduced allows the fact of using them both, in the social sciences and music areas. The project consists of an explanatory dossier with all the information needed by the student: historical background, trade with America, the “americanos” and the “indianos” as well as an introduction to the history of the “habanera”. It is completed with a compilation of “habnaeras” (lyrics and music), a workbook of the main dossier and a CD with the most popular “habaneras” recorded and performed by the groups Peix fregit, Els Pirates, Terra Endins, Por Bo and Bergantí. Moreover, an optional CD with all written music scores instave.

The pedagogical case has been sponsored by Caixa Laietana and supported by Palafrugell´s Council and Diputació de Girona and Education Department.